Gaussian Lofting
Use the 'Loft panels depending on Gaussian curvature' action to generate lofting panels over a surface so that the density of seams is proportional to the Gaussian curvature.

You need to compute Gaussian curvature before performing this action.

Click the menu icon to perform this action. Complete the form in the dialog box, and click 'OK'. The calculation will be performed. Go to the 'Intrinsic Geometry' tab to see the resulting seams in surface parameter space.

Go to the 'Nesting' tab to see the panel patterns, and use the 'Manually adjust pattern nesting' function to arrange the patterns on the lofting floor.

The lofted shapes do not update automatically as you edit the surfaces. To update the lofting patterns, click the icon again.

Note that manual adjustments of patterns in the 'Nesting' tab view are reset during recalculation of lofting patterns.

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