Use the DRAG operation to drag individual control points of a surface.

Click the icon and then click on any control point in one of the orthogonal projection views. Drag the mouse across the screen and release it when you reach the desired position.

Other control points can be added incrementally to the drag operation simply by clicking them at any time. Individual control points can be removed from the drag operation by clicking with the CTRL key pressed.

The information box (above the 3D view) displays information about the drag distance.

Switch between orthogonal projection views and continue dragging.

For any of the orthogonal views, two or more control points may be lined up behind on-and-other. In this situation, they will appear to be coincident with each other. If it is required to drag just one of these coincident control points, then do the following:

  1. Select the required control point in one of the other orthogonal views.
  2. Change the tab to the orthogonal view where you wish to do the drag.
  3. Click the "I" key.
  4. Click and drag the control point to the required location.
  5. Release the mouse button.
  6. Click the "I" key.
Toggling the "I" key suppresses inclusion of extra control points in the set to be dragged.

Click the icon again to disable the DRAG mode.

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